Who We Are

about usRealize Bradenton is a nonprofit organization that promotes redevelopment and economic growth in downtown Bradenton by transforming places, engaging people, and realizing possibilities. As a community-benefit organization, we work with others to continually strengthen the social, cultural, and physical assets in the Bradenton area through:

    • Public engagement, outreach, and capacity-building 
    • Special events and event support
    • Strategic marketing and communication

Our Mission

Realize Bradenton brings people together to create a more vibrant, attractive, and prosperous Bradenton area for residents, visitors, and businesses.

Our Impact

Business Growth • Downtown Promotion • Community Pride • Visitor Attraction • Workforce Development • Quality of Life
economic growth diagram
more buzz more people more money

Realize Bradenton Cultural Master Plan

The Realize Bradenton Cultural Master Plan sets forth overarching recommendations, strategies, and implementation steps. The major implementation recommendation established Realize Bradenton as the nonprofit organization to co-execute the master plan along six strategies:

  1. Downtown Cultural Vitality
  2. Marketing, Access, and Collaboration
  3. Support for Individual Artists and the Village of the Arts
  4. Art Education and Youth
  5. Public Art
  6. Capacity Building

Learn more about cultural planning.