What We Do

what we do

Realize Bradenton believes that people are the greatest asset. We creatively engage a diversity of people to work together on positive change in the community. We are for the community, by the community.

To learn more about Realize Bradenton, check out our Retrospective.

Our Initiatives Make the Community Stronger

Public engagement, outreach, and capacity-building

Social entrepreneurship creates positive community-benefit through collaboration and innovation.

Special events and events support

Placemaking enlivens public spaces to create memorable experiences and a savvy buzz to complement printed marketing materials and online promotions.

Strategic marketing and communication

Place branding promotes Bradenton as a unique, attractive, and welcoming destination to residents, visitors, and businesses.

Partnership Plan
Realize Bradenton's strategies are designed to complement the Bradenton Downtown Development Authority.
more buzz more people more money
The Tapestry Plan
The Tapestry Plan to Act Project that Realize Bradenton facilitates is an example of how we work with others to create a positive community benefit.
more buzz more people more money