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By now, we hope you’re enjoying the WalkBradenton.com website features and have put some to good use! With downtown being a hotspot for all-things fun, we encourage you to utilize the website as often as you’d like.

As summer break quickly approaches, some parents might worry their kids will get into a “summer learning slump” but they can now rest at ease. Downtown is filled with learning opportunities for kids of all ages.

Below is a short list of places to help you get started.

library.jpgPublic Library: The Manatee County Central Library hosts a variety of summer activities for children and teens. I worked at Central as a Library Aide for five years and it was jam packed with youth every summer.

Public libraries have evolved over time and now offer educational mediums in the forms of DVD’s, computer classes, magazines, learning centers and various other activities.

The library is located at 1301 Barcarrota Blvd West and you can access more info by narrowing your search and clicking on PUBLIC SPACES, then hover over the icons until you find the Library or simply enter the word “library” in the website’s search bar. From there, you’ll be able to click onto their website for additional information.

museum.jpgSouth Florida Museum: Only a few steps away is the famous South Florida Museum. This historic place is home to Snooty the manatee, and the Bishop Planetarium.

This summer, the museum will offer a summer science camp for kids. The camps lasts for six weeks and features six educational themes including “The Power of the Three E’s: Energy, Electricity, Engineering” and “Space Oddities.”

Simply click on ATTRACTIONS or type SOUTH FLORIDA MUSEUM into the search bar. The museum Location Card connects you to their website where you can purchase tickets directly from the museum. If you have questions and need to speak to a live person, simply click on the museum’s highlighted phone number and your cell will automatically call.

Easy, right?

riverwalk.jpgNature Walk: Trails give opportunity to teach children about the city’s natural resources. The Riverwalk is a go-to destination for exercise, relaxation and sightseeing.

Walkers can stop along the Manatee River to reset, observe wildlife or fish along the river. Some of the common fishes you’re likely to catch are flounder, redfish, sheepshead, and snook.

You can find more fishing tips on the website by clicking NATURE AND WELLNESS TIPS.

Bird watching is another terrific approach to learning about the area. As you enjoy the Riverwalk, make sure to look out for the Willet – a brown sand piper with a dagger-shaped bill or a Laughing Gull, like the ones you see at the beach. You can learn more about these feathered friends under the NATURE AND WELLNESS TIPS.

To keep things interesting, strike up a “friendly” competition to see which family member can identify the most birds. Email me who won and I’ll mention the winner in my next blog.

What are some places or educational activities I should check out this summer?

Email me at blog@realizebradenton.com to let me know!

undine-shorey.jpgUndine Shorey is a singer/multi-instrumentalist and freelance writer in Manatee and Sarasota County.