The Ground Up


The Ground Up is a graphic piece of mine that I completed during my three weeks with Realize Bradenton. The art work takes place in historical Bradenton during the 1920s and shows how, at that time, the town was a place to have a great time, not make great time.


Bradenton was experiencing the 1920s land boom when trains, cars and other new technologies were introduced. This piece is my first stepping stone into the art community and opened new doors to my future as an achieving artist.

Kevin Thomas is an art student at Manatee School for the Arts and a participant in Project Art Connects.


Realize Bradenton’s initiative, Project Art Connects, is a three-year, innovative project in public art and social media that connects local history with future planning, but with a twist: young people will drive the conversations about the city’s past, present and future.

The project is supported by the Knight Fund of the Manatee Community Foundation along with numerous other local sponsors.