We work hard to make a difference in our community every day, and strive to be great at what we do (while having fun at the same time). Heartfelt appreciation to donors, volunteers, and partners, because they make our work possible.
Something I never want to do again…

Compete in a lettuce-eating contest.

On the weekends…

I pull weeds in my butterfly garden.

Little known fact…

I was on American Funniest Videos.

My most inspirational moment…

Meeting Buckminster Fuller.

Favorite place to hang out downtown?

In my new kitchen cooking.

What is your hidden talent?

Dressing up in crazy costumes.

I am passionate about…

Organizing and party planning.

An uncommon fact about me is…

I love to sing karaoke (I'm not saying I'm good at it).

Childhood Dream…

My childhood dream job was to work at a zoo.

Favorite Hangout…

My favorite place to hang out downtown is the Riverwalk; but I love to eat breakfast at Robin's, lunch at B'town, and dinner at O'Bricks.


Durham, North Carolina.

I am passionate about…

Designing legitimately anything – whether it be staging a complete home or staging my work space for the day.

My childhood dream...

To be a veterinarian, but then I learned that even the sight of blood makes me queasy and I’d also end up bringing all the animals home with me!

What is in the trunk of my car right now?

Lighting equipment from helping out with an event, a case of RedBull (that stuff gives you wings!) and my “everything you need under the sun” kit including jumper cables all the way down to a healthy supply of spiderman band-aids.

I am passionate about…

Empathy, justice, peace, livable cities, and brightly-painted cars (with big wheels).

Where is your favorite place to hang downtown?

Knocking biscuits in the kitchen at the Bradenton Shuffleboard Courts. Glittery beaded courts, twinkly lights overhead, vinyl spinning on the record player, and my custom-painted aqua cue.

My childhood dream was to be...

An architect. I filled notebook after notebook drawing floor plans. Some kids begged their parents for comic books, I begged mine for house plan books.

What is your hidden talent?

Making arepas, a corn patty that is a staple in Venezuela.


A tiny map dot of a farming town named New Riegel, Ohio.

I am passionate about…

Building community, creating experiences through events, and of course, food - cooking it, eating it, even growing it in my tiny patio garden.

An uncommon fact about me is...

I grew up on a horse ranch.

My childhood dream job was to be…

A ballerina. I started taking dance lessons when I was three years old and was obsessed.

Favorite place to hang out downtown?

I love Old Main Street - it's quaint and tucked away from busy Manatee Ave but still happenin'.


Amery, Wisconsin.

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