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About the Riverwalk Expansion


Ask anyone about downtown Bradenton and they are likely to mention the Riverwalk. The 1.5-mile park along the Manatee River opened in 2012 and is a popular gathering place for people of all ages.   

The current Riverwalk has something for everyone, and it was designed that way. Through an extensive public engagement process coordinated by Realize Bradenton, the community imagined the possibilities for the downtown riverfront. These collective dreams became reality and the attractive public park is now a point of pride for the City of Bradenton. 


The Riverwalk East Expansion will complement the current Riverwalk through health and wellness elements, with a focus on passive recreation activities, and family-oriented spaces. What are passive recreation activities? Think: walking, biking, jogging, birdwatching, painting, and photography.

See a map of the Riverwalk East Expansion location.

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