PopUps Inside Access

popups-inside-access-final-web.png PopUps: Inside Access is the second series of Realize Bradenton popup events that feature behind-the-scenes access to cool places to meet interesting people.

What are PopUps? Events, get-togethers, and projects planned by (and for) Millennials to help shape Bradenton in positive ways.

This series aims to accelerate community engagement among the 19–35-year-old population, commonly referred to as the Millennial generation.

PopUp Events

Downtown by Design Workshop
Hampton Inn
Think the Hampton Inn is just heads-in-beds? Think again. Poolside lounging, stay-cations, great coffee, gathering spaces, award-winning historic preservation, downtown’s connection to a dynamic global brand, and a view you don’t want to miss.
Love Your City PopUp
Feb. 13, 2017 — 3 Keys Brewing & Eatery

What's to love about Bradenton? Whether your answer is plenty, so many, or not any, we need you to help us kick-off our new series of popup events.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. And neither is this pop-up! Don’t miss your opportunity for backstage access to the Manatee Performing Arts Center with MPAC’s creative and executive leadership team, cast, designers, and more.
PopUps: Inside Access at the South Florida Museum
Night at the museum? Yes! Pop-Up event for the 18-35 year-old crowd in the Bradenton area. Come enjoy a unique downtown experience.
ThrowBack PopUp
Have you ever seen the past and the future at the same time? Old buildings + new uses = character, charm, identity, and a sense of place. Explore how we as a community preserve special places and meet some of the people who make it happen.
Village of the Arts PopUp
April 22, 2017 — Village of the Arts

Punk rock, empanadas, street art, vinyl, Frida Kahlo-inspired murals, yoga, and a tree sculpture with *ahem* interesting leaves… Experience the Village like Village People at the next pop-up in VOTA!

Young Leaders' Guide to Board Service
The Young Leaders’ Guide to Being the Board Member Every Nonprofit Wants
art center manatee
Pop-ups come to ArtCenter Manatee ... Join us for a pop-up in downtown’s original "maker space" this month. Make a small ceramic bowl or box and enjoy the amazing galleries.


When people connect with each other in new places, the social capital of a community grows and vibrancy builds. Bringing people together is the singular mission of Realize Bradenton. Through PopUps for a Purpose, we’re simply narrowing our focus: strengthening local connections amongst the largest and most demographically-diverse generation. Nearly one-third of the total US population is currently comprised of Millennials who span economic, professional, educational, and cultural backgrounds.

Get Involved!

Have a big (or small) idea? Want to make a difference? Let us know! Reach out to Catherine Ferrer, Realize Bradenton's community engagement coordinator.

PopUps:Inside Access is supported by the Knight Donor Advised Fund of the Manatee Community Foundation