PopUp Lounge at Pickin' Picnic

pickin-picnic-art.jpgHow can we emphasize to Millennials that Bradenton is a place for them? We took Realize Bradenton’s Millennial-focused event Pickin’ Picnic to the next level with inspiration from events like Coachella.

The #RBPopUps team partnered with the Bradenton Herald to have a charging station in a twinkly-light illuminated Pop-Up Lounge. Keeton’s Office and Art Supply brought CanJam artist Richie Brasil to create a social-media magnet with their graffiti art wall. With more than 3,000 people, crowd counts estimated approximately 60% Millennials in attendance (21% of Manatee County population) and 100% of Millennials interviewed said they planned to attend next year’s event.