National Volunteer Week 2017

April 23–29, 2017, is National Volunteer Week, an opportunity to recognize and thank volunteers.

Realize Bradenton appreciates the power of volunteerism to bring people together. Service empowers individuals to find their purpose and turn their passion into meaningful change.

mimi-1.jpgSince the first ArtSlam event in 2010, Mimi Tran has served in every possible capacity for Realize Bradenton, event volunteer, guest-chef "foodie" at the market, downtown ambassador, Board member, and fundraiser.

In this blog post, Mimi shares her experiences in her own words:

Event Volunteer: "At last year's Pickin' Picnic, I invited my friend Kim and we had fun meeting new people and visitors from out of town while selling beer tickets. We enjoyed our snacks from the food trucks and especially catching up with other friends in the cool creative lounge area.

Foodie at the Market: "I made Vietnamese spring rolls and had my friends Georgia Brown and Elodie Brissett join me to help out. I love to cook, but it was more fun for me to introduce a little bit of my culture at the market. I witnessed a lot of smiles that day after visitors created their own spring rolls and enjoyed their easy, healthy, and tasty snack."

Downtown Ambassador: "A few times a year, I help Realize Bradenton spread the word about events by dropping off event flyers at downtown locations. I love being a downtown ambassador. People are always happy to know about the unique events and look forward to the impact Realize Bradenton has in our community."

Board Member: "This was a major commitment, but I learned so much from each board member. By far, the most talented, knowledgeable, creative, fun, and collaborative group I've ever worked with."

Fundraiser: "When Johnette asked Annie Breitinger and I to help raise funds during the Giving Challenge, we created 'Cook Together Bradenton' Inviting a few people over to cook, converse, eat and play games was an easy task. I love that people entered my home as guests and left as friends. Food + Realize Bradenton = Bringing people together."

If you have ever thought of getting more involved in your community, Realize Bradenton is a great way to connect. You'll meet new friends, wear cool tee-shirts, learn a few things, and have a great time in the process. Thank you Mimi and our other amazing 370+ volunteers for your service—this week and every week. You make Bradenton shine!

Learn more about volunteering with Realize Bradenton.