Millennials by the Numbers

share-out.jpgWhat do the numbers say about Millennials in the Bradenton area? Below are five infographics created by Realize Bradenton compiling data and statistics about the Bradenton area Millennial population (will open as PDF's).

    • Bradenton area Millennial POPULATION.
    • What, Where and How Much: Bradenton area Millennials and HOUSING.
    • Bradenton Area Millennials EDUCATION.
    • Bradenton area Millennials in the WORKFORCE.
    • Millennial VOTERS in the Bradenton area.

Studies indicate that talented young people, whether their talents lie in business, art, or hospitality, value place over career. In bringing focus to these often-overlooked locations, our goal is to amplify local Millennials’ voices, while challenging the preconceived notions that this generation is rootless and unattached to place.

Pop-Ups for a Purpose will provide a forum for dialogue and exploration of targeted topics important to our local Millennials: visible and vibrant nightlife, transportation options, housing, human resources policies. Central to this objective are Realize Bradenton’s partnerships with other downtown interests like Manatee County Government’s Manatee Millennial Movement (M3) and the Manatee Young Professionals.