Manatee River Nostalgia

When creating my art piece and researching about the history of the town, the word "river" was constantly mentioned. The Manatee River was like our modern day transportation systems, but a bit more versatile.


Early settlers settled down by the river fishing, eating and hunting. As time progressed, Bat Fogarty had established his "boat works." While researching at the Manatee Historical Village Park, we saw his boat show and rowboats. We learned about his shop and how the rowboats were used for transportation, getting products shipped, and even for recreational purposes. In the end I decided to incorporate those two into a single image to visually illustrate the Manatee River and the simple life back then before all the modes of transportation that we use today came about. Lastly, the reason I named it "Manatee River Nostalgia" is because the quaint atmosphere of Bradenton made me wish I lived in this time period to experience it for myself.

If the Manatee River didn't exist, would you think that Bradenton would have developed and sustained people in the pioneer stage of the town?

Lisa Jiron, a student at Braden River High School, was a participant in Realize Bradenton's Project Art Connects during the summer 2012. Project Art Connects is an innovative project for high school and college students that uses art and history to connect students to the heritage of their community. The project is supported by the Knight Fund of the Manatee Community Foundation along with numerous other local sponsors.