Hop, Skip and a Jump

Exercise is a common activity that relieves stress, combats health issues and boosts energy. WalkBradenton.com is the perfect tool to help you use your foot power to get from here to there in downtown Bradenton. Simply go to WalkBradenton.com, press the green GO button and the website finds you and locates you on the map with a yellow smiley emoji. 

riverwalk.jpgThe beautiful Riverwalk in the heart of Bradenton offers plenty of walking room to get your legs going. The 1.5-mile linear park is located along the Manatee River and features everything from the Mosaic Amphitheater, a playground/splash park for kids, and public art. From the main menu, click RIVERWALK and the green GO button. Once there, get an overview by clicking EVERYTHING or narrow your search by selecting PUBLIC ART. Click on the icons; learn about the piece then click DIRECTIONS and you will see the walking distance appear on the top of the screen in a GREEN BOX. You can also select the different amenities along the Riverwalk and before you know it, you’ve put some serious steps on your tracker.

city-fitness.jpgIf you’re looking for a more in-depth workout, WalkBradenton.com can connect you to local gyms and fitness centers. From the main menu, select ALL PLACES and press the green GO button. Next, select BEAUTY AND FITNESS then click on the icon that looks like a barbell and you will come across City Fitness. City Fitness is just a hop, skip, and jump away from Main Street and is directly across from the Village of the Arts (VOTA).

After your workout, consider a yoga class or a massage. Click on BEAUTY AND FITNESS and the icons will show you where you can join a yoga class or enjoy a relaxing massage after a long walk or invigorating workout.

What are some of your favorite exercise routines to do in downtown Bradenton? Email me at blog@realizebradenton.com to let me know!

undine-shorey.jpgUndine Shorey is a singer/multi-instrumentalist and freelance writer in Manatee and Sarasota County.