Follow me as Realize Bradenton's summer intern

Hi everyone! My name is Kara Inglis. I am a born-and-raised Bradenton native who traded in the small town life for the big city for my college years. I attend Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia where I just finished my junior year. My major is communication and have a double minor in business and Spanish. I always love coming home to Bradenton for my family and of course, the beach, but also to see how much has changed. 

Kara InglisWith plans to come home for the summer, as I have done for the two past summers through college, I knew I wanted a unique experience to add to my repertoire. When I came home in past summers, I found a job and I dedicated my time to this, but as I find myself closer and closer to the “real world” I wanted more than a cliche summer job to fill my time. I wanted an experience.

As a communication major, my interest in writing has stayed high throughout my entire college career. Sometimes I think I deserve an award for still having a love and passion for writing after the hundreds of hours and pages of writing that consume the college experience! However, my passion for writing in conjunction with the business world is what led me to set out to find an opportunity like Realize Bradenton.

I wanted to find a “real world” opportunity, that would show me how I could use my love for writing in a way that is applicable to the business world, both now and in the future. With this opportunity that Realize Bradenton has provided for me, I will be contributing to their blog all summer on a series of downtown Bradenton hot spots. These are local places that most of us have probably visited before. My hope however, is to give further insight and excitement into these places to make everyone want to go back and realize how great they are for themselves! I have always thought Bradenton has enormous potential, so this is an amazing opportunity to spend my summer working for an organization that is setting out and successfully doing what I always saw in this town; they are realizing Bradenton for all that it is and I am very excited for my opportunity to be a part of this team!

Please check in weekly and follow me along my journey as we realize Bradenton together!