Fees and Deposits

Venue Rental for Public Events

Attendance of Event Fee per Day
1–200 $75.00
201–500 $300.00
501–1,000 $500.00
1,001–2,500 $750.00
2,501–5,000 $1,000.00
5,001+ $2,000.00

Venue Rental for Private Events

The below fees have been established for events that are privately held and not open to the general public i.e. weddings, graduations, company parties, etc. For private events, a maximum of two venues can be rented per day. The entire park cannot be reserved.

Venue Fee per Day
Amphitheater $750.00
Great Lawn $350.00
Pavilion and Event Oval $2,000.00
Regatta Plaza $350.00
Outdoor Living Room $ 150.00
Skate Park (special requests only, requires City Council approval) $2,000.00
Tower Plaza $150.00
Botanical Gardens $150.00
Volleyball Courts $ 150.00 or $25/hr. (2 hr. min.)
Lewis Park (North of Garden Club only) $ 75.00

*Private events require a minimum of one City of Bradenton police officer to ensure your reservation is respected by the general public.

Fees for Races/Runs/Walks

No. of Participants Fee per Day
Under 500 $200.00
Over 500 $300.00

Fees for City of Bradenton Services

Service Fee
Bradenton Police Department off duty police officers (3 hour min.) $40.00 hourly/ officer
Tent Permit Contact Planning Dept. for Fee
Public Works and Utilities (solid waste, electricity, signs, pick up and removal) Fees vary

Damage Deposit

A damage deposit will be charged for all reserved events. The damage deposit is refundable, only after an inspection is completed by City employees to determine if additional clean-up is necessary and all city services have been paid. If there is damage or additional clean up required, the event organizer will be responsible for additional charges in excess of the damage deposit.

Add each line that applies to your event to determine total deposit amount.

Event With
No. of People Fee per Day
Under 100 anticipated $200.00
Over 100 anticipated $400.00
Event With
Beverage Type Fee per Day
Non-alcoholic beverages only $150.00
Alcoholic beverages $200.00
Event With
Food Type Fee per Day
No food or beverage vendors $0.00
Cold food $250.00
On-site cooked food $350.00
On-site cooked food using fryers/grease $1,500.00

Please note, the City reserves the option to increase damage deposit fees based on extenuating circumstances of event.