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Event Planning FAQ

What you need to know about holding your event on the Bradenton Riverwalk.

What do I need to know as an event planner?

Where can I hold my event?

The Riverwalk is 1.5 miles long. Within this linear park there are many spaces suitable for a range of activities. The walkway along the river must always remain open for public access. Check out our Riverwalk Venues.

How do I know if a venue is available?

Please refer to the event calendar to view available park areas.

How Much Does It Cost?

See the Fee Schedule.

Other possible costs:

How do I reserve it?

An Event Permit Application will need to be submitted. Take a look at the Permit Process.

Where Do I Get The Insurance Certificate?

A certificate of liability insurance for $1 million of coverage is also required naming the City of Bradenton as an “Additional Insured” and including the name and date of your event. You may wish to compare pricing from various insurance companies.

Can I Use Tents?

Tents can be used but no stakes are allowed anywhere in the park to protect the underground utilities and sprinkler systems. Weighted sandbags must be used. For tents larger than 10’ x 10’, a tent permit must be obtained from the Department of Planning and Community Development at City Hall, 101 Old Main Street.

Can We Serve or Sell Alcohol?

Alcohol can be served or sold during permitted events. A temporary liquor license must be obtained from the State and signed by the City of Bradenton Zoning Manager at City Hall, 101 Old Main Street. When alcohol is involved, the certificate of liability insurance must then also include a liquor endorsement.

When Does Music Need To End?

Except for rare and special exceptions, it is recommended that music end by 10:00 p.m. to comply with the City’s Noise Ordinance and for the peace and welfare of the surrounding community.

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