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Event Permitting Process

The City of Bradenton’s Event Review Committee (ERC) oversees the processing of applications to hold both public and private events on city property.

The following procedure shall be followed by all event organizers to obtain an event permit from the City of Bradenton. You may call the City of Bradenton at (941) 932-9450 if you have any questions.

Steps to Follow


Check venue availability on our Event Calendar. Please note: not all events are listed on this calendar. For a copy of the Event Manual and Event Permit Application, call 941-932-9450 or email

Event Guide

Event Application

Step 1: Submit Event Permit Application and Street Closure Request (if needed)

Send the above items to:

Step 2: Await Contact from the City of Bradenton

You will await contact from the City of Bradenton. Fees and damage deposit required will be communicated to you at this time. *You may be asked to attend an ERC meeting prepared to present your event to the committee. 

Step 3: Finalize Approval Process

Provide the following:

Send the above items to

Step 4: Schedule City Services (see list of Contacts)

Note: If city services deemed necessary by ERC are not paid by applicant within 30 days, the cost of those services will be deducted from damage deposit. 

Step 5: Notifications

Notify any businesses affected by event.
Note: Races require additional notifications.

Step 6: Attend ERC Meeting, if required

30 days prior to your event you may be asked to attend an ERC meeting. You must be prepared to present the following information:

*Failure to provide the above information may result in permit being denied.
Note: ANY changes from initial event application must be communicated to the ERC prior to this meeting.

Step 7: Receive Event Permit

You will be issued an event permit from the City of Bradenton. Please keep this permit and your application with you on the event day in case any questions arise.

Step 8: Post Event Review

The event site will be evaluated by Public Works and Utilities personnel. Any property damaged or lost due to the event will result in a deduction from damage deposit AND/OR a claim against the liability insurance. You will generally receive your damage deposit 30 days after city services have been paid. You may be asked to attend an ERC meeting for a formal post event review.

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