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Event Approval Standards

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STANDARD 1 (Site Plan): 

All site plan and event routes must be clearly marked on a site map submitted with the event permit application. Specifically, the applicant should show the approximate location where the following event components will be located: 

A. Food vendors – number and type 
B. Amplified sound direction and location 
C. Tent locations D. Fencing/Barricades 
E. Off‐premise directional signage –location(s), sizes, sign material & digital samples 
F. Parking on and off‐site, including a designated handicap area. 
G. Recreational vehicle parking – if used for security purposes only, limited to one fully self-contained unit. 
H. Traffic ingress and egress points as well as emergency vehicle access. 
I. Bathroom/sanitation facilities 
J. Alcoholic beverage distribution areas 
K. First aid area 

STANDARD 2 (Liability Insurance): 

Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming the City of Bradenton as “Additional Insured” and specifying the NAME and DATE of the event must be provided a minimum of 30 days prior to event. Event organizers must keep a copy of the certificate for their own records. 

STANDARD 3 (Alcoholic Beverages): 

Any event organizer selling alcoholic beverages must obtain a State of Florida Alcoholic Beverage license and a mandatory liquor liability endorsement on the certificate of liability insurance. The license must be signed by the city zoning manager. The event organizer(s) must successfully complete Drug Free Manatee’s Festival & Event Alcohol Training Course and require all volunteers that will serve alcohol at the event to successfully complete the training course and keep all required documentation. 

STANDARD 4 (Food/Beverage): 

Any event organizer using food/beverage vendors must certify that each vendor has State of Florida Health Department approval and complies with all county and local guidelines and ordinances. 

STANDARD 5 (Food Prep): 

Any event cooking or serving food with grease shall provide a plan to remove grease generated by the event. For officially permitted events, grilling, cooking, reheating of food, food trucks, or food vendors is allowed, but adherence to cooking policies must be maintained. Please see grease containment requirements.

Food Vendor Management Requirements for Events 

Event organizers desiring to include food at events at City parks and/or property shall: 

1. Contract, at no expense to the City, with a licensed grease hauling company to handle waste cooking grease/oil generated at the event. The hauling company shall supply a grease receptacle (tank) placed in reasonable proximity to the festival that vendors are required to dispose of their spent grease/oil into on a daily basis over the duration of the event. 

2. Provide, at no expense to the City, protective barriers (i.e. tarps, oil absorbing materials, etc.) to be used in food vending areas to protect City of Bradenton property from grease/oil/food-related damage. 

3. Contract, at no expense to the City, with the City of Bradenton Solid Waste Division to provide solid waste services, garbage and recycle receptacles and equipment for the event. 

4. Ensure, through appropriate and reasonable means and at no expense to the City, that City of Bradenton property does not sustain damage from the event organizers, vendors, participants or guests, including, but not limited to: 

5. The Organizer shall provide monitors, at no expense to the City, during the event to ensure compliance with these requirements. 

STANDARD 6 (Tents): 

Permits from the City of Bradenton Planning Department are required for tents over 10’ x 10’. Upon review of the tent application, a permit will be issued no less than 30 days prior to event. All tents/canopies must be fire retardant, per fire prevention requirements. Stakes are prohibited and tent weights are required. 

STANDARD 7 (Sanitation): 

All approved events must provide sufficient on-site sanitation facilities. Some areas of Riverwalk Park have permanent sanitation facilities. For large events, additional port-o-lets may need to be obtained. 

STANDARD 8 (Extra Duty Security): 

Police security is required whenever alcoholic beverages are present, when closure of a public street is necessary, when large crowds are in attendance, or in any other situation as deemed necessary by the Bradenton Police Department (BPD). The number of personnel required is determined by BPD and wages are payable by applicant prior to or at the time of service. 

NOTE: The Bradenton Police and Fire Departments reserve the right to cancel extra-duty details without notice, and to recall personnel for official duty when necessary for community safety. 

STANDARD 9 (Fire Marshal): 

Requirements set forth by the Fire Marshal must be adhered to and all events are subject to inspection. 

STANDARD 10 (Public Works/Utilities): 

All events requiring Public Works and Utilities services shall bear the cost of providing such service. 

STANDARD 11 (Fireworks): 

The use of fireworks or other potentially hazardous devices may only be approved by a permit issued by the Bradenton Planning Department and the Bradenton Fire Department. 

STANDARD 12 (Vehicles): 

No vehicles may be driven off designated vehicle areas unless expressly authorized as part of an approved event. 

STANDARD 13 (Live Animals): 

No event may keep, display, or otherwise house live animals on City park property unless authorized by the City Council. 

STANDARD 14 (Notifications): 

Event organizer must contact each business or residential complex that could be impacted by the event. The notification should include event dates and times and event organizer contact information. Races require additional notifications. See Race/Run/Walk Standards document. 

STANDARD 15 (Drones/Balloon and Lantern Releases): 

Drones are prohibited at Riverwalk. Balloon/lantern releases are prohibited at all City Parks. 

Standard 16 (Candles/Open Flames): 

Candles are prohibited at Riverwalk Park. 

Standard 17 (Large Inflatables): 

Large inflatables and bounce houses are prohibited in City Parks. 

Standard 18 (Trailers/Recreational Vehicles): 

One fully self‐contained recreational vehicle is permitted for security and/or event purposes. If additional trailer/recreational vehicles are deemed necessary to remain within the City park as part of the event, the request will require special City Council approval. Manatee County Health Department, Environmental Services, will permit the Recreational Vehicles, provided no gray water or black water is discharged on the property. Manatee County Health Department, Environmental Services, will conduct inspections for events with overnight recreational vehicle parking/camping. If any recreational vehicles in conjunction with the event are found to be in violation of the above regulations, the event organizer shall be cited and fined up to $100.00 for the first offense and $200.00 for the second offense. 

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