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Riverwalk Expansion Details


Stories, designs, neighbors, plans, landscape, families, physical elements, activities … It all comes together as the Riverwalk East Expansion moves towards construction. Read below and send an e-mail to to add your name to the email update list.


Kimley-Horn presented this updated design in April 2021.

  • Don’t have a PDF viewer? Click here to download a free version. 

Click here for the first draft of the Riverwalk East Expansion plan in PDF format.

Your questions and comments are welcome. Please email


Want to learn more about the history of Bradenton’s oldest neighborhood? Order your copy of the beautifully illustrated and historically researched children’s book on Bradenton’s oldest neighborhood: “Old Manatee A to Z.” See a preview here and visit to order your copy.

Explore the links below to connect with resources about the history of Bradenton and the Town of Manatee:
– News and events from Reflections and Manatee and Manatee Village Historical Park.
Read Sarasota Magazine’s “A Newly Excavated Settlement Highlights Florida’s History as a Haven for Escaped Slaves”.
The Town of Manatee presentation compiled by Manatee County Public Library System.
– Download the Florida Stories app or visit Florida Stories Walking Tours online and select Bradenton (Old Manatee).

Through public art, events, and physical design elements (benches, lamp posts, banners etc), we look forward to Riverwalk East being a park that brings the past into focus with the present over a mutual outlook of optimism for the future.


Neighborhoods are treasure troves of stories.

Is your family connected to local history from the Town of Manatee or the neighborhoods in East Bradenton? We want to hear from you!

Which neighborhoods? Just east of downtown Bradenton between 1st Street in the west and the Braden River in the east; and the river on the north down to 13th Ave East.

If you have a personal or family connection to the history of this area of Bradenton, please email to share your connection to this neighborhood’s history.

Your story matters.

Share the rich history of the neighborhood around the Riverwalk expansion:

  • Did you grow up in this neighborhood? If so, what do you remember from your childhood in this neighborhood that you want others to know and celebrate?
  • Does your neighborhood have social get-togethers or celebrate any holidays together?
  • What makes your neighborhood lovable? Any quirky or unique features most people do not know about?

To share your story OR if you know someone who has this kind of personal connection to the neighborhood around the future Riverwalk, please email: or call 941-447-9406 to share your connection to this neighborhood’s history.

Like the nationally-known “StoryCorps” project, we hope to document and celebrate the many interesting stories of this neighbors, business owners, and people who grew up in and around East Bradenton and the Town of Manatee.

Check out this example of a personal story of Bradenton from StoryCorps (via NPR):

Good Morning, Miss Devine’: Cousins Remember Their Sunday School Teacher

“Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.” 
-Madeleine L’Engle

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