Darwin Brewing Company has an eye for community engagement

Darwin Brewing companyThe only thing better than a trendy local brewery, is a trendy local brewery with a very locally-focused mindset. That is exactly what can be found at Darwin Brewing Company. For Darwin’s it is not enough to simply exist in the downtown Bradenton community, they want to be a part of the community and work with other locals to provide the best product and service possible.

For those who have yet to visit Darwin’s, it is a dynamic place to be! The space has a very industrial and modern look, but still manages to maintain a welcoming feel. Among the smell of hops in the air filtering from the back brewing area, the friendly staff is present to ensure that each visitor has the best experience possible.

Darwin’s local focus extends through their entire brewing process. All ingredients they use to brew their beer that they can attain locally, they make sure to do so. Within the last month, Darwin’s has begun canning their beer to offer customers more than draft beer; something that they can enjoy anytime.

Darwin Pirata Pilsner beer can Even the creation of their logos for the cans were done by a local graphic designer. So far in this short period of time, Darwin’s has canned their three most popular beers: Circa 1926, Summadaze IPA and Pirata Pilsner. Even the names of some of their brews have local ties. The Pirata Pilsner for example, was given its name as a tribute to Darwin’s seasonal neighbors, the Pittsburgh Pirates.

When the brewing process is all said and done, Darwin’s local collaborations are still not finished. After the grains are spent from the brewing process, the brewery donates them to local bakery, Sugar Cubed, located in the Village of the Arts. From their, talented baker, Dana Johnson makes delicious breads and other baked goods out of the grains.

Darwin’s most notable local partnerships are the bars and restaurants around town where their brews can be found. Just in downtown Bradenton alone, Darwin’s beer can be found at the Lost Kangaroo, Cork Cigar Bar, The Loaded Barrel Tavern, Pier 22, Tarpon Pointe Grill, Central Cafe and the Riverside Cafe. Outside of downtown, Darwin’s is sold at Total Wine, ABC Liquor and Winn Dixie. The brewery will soon stock the shelves of Whole Foods with their product and also hopes to form a partnership with Publix.

Darwin’s has formed partnerships outside of Bradenton by creating specialty brews with other Tampa Bay area breweries like Cigar City Brewing and Big Top Brewery in Sarasota.

Darwin Brewing CompanyTo promote community engagement onsite, Darwins has developed a beer growler club. For those who are not familiar with this term, a growler is a take-home 64 ounce bottle of beer. These containers are meant to be refilled. Darwin’s recently started carrying them. Of course club members can come in any day during operating hours to fill their growler, but they will receive 15% off if they come in on a Thursday! Regardless of when the members fill up, they will get their tenth refill free, once they reach that milestone!

As another way to bring the community to them, Darwin’s hosts a monthly market called Local Evolution Craft Market. The market is always the second Friday of every month. The market brings together local vendors of all kinds who are equally as local-minded as Darwin Brewing Company.

Darwin Brewing CompanySomething that makes Darwin’s beer both unique and interesting is that it is a culinary-inspired brew. They want their beer to be more than about just having a drink, they want it to be an experience. Because of this, they have crafted beers that pair well with food. Each brew has a section on the can that lists food pairing suggestions in order to promote a fantastic culinary experience to go along with a refreshing beverage!

The Darwin taproom is open Wednesday and Thursdays from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. with seating available both inside and outside on the patio. On Friday, the taproom opens at 4 p.m. again, but stays open until 12 a.m. On Saturday and Sunday the taproom opens at noon. It stays open until 12 a.m. again on Saturday, but closes at 8 p.m. on Sunday.

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