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Splash Pad Sculptures

These 12′ tall yellow, purple, green and blue fun, abstract sculptures welcome ‘happy splashers’ to the Riverwalk splash pad. Each piece is unique yet complementary to one another.  These pieces are sure to make you smile!

Artist: Mark Fuller, 2012
Location: Riverwalk – 606 3rd Avenue West

Open Heart Icon

This 7’ bronze sculpture was created by actor and artist Jane Seymour. The sculpture with two hearts linked together symbolizes the philosophy that ‘if your heart is open, love will find its way in.” The sculpture is located along the Riverwalk near Manatee Memorial Hospital.

Artist: Jane Seymour, 2019
Location: Riverwalk – Riverfront Boulevard

Chrysalis Launcher

The Chrysalis Launcher aims colorful wings of art toward the Village of the Arts. The colorful wings flutter out and alight on objects in the neighborhood. The sculpture is angled to invite visitors into the live-work community.

Artist: Catherine Woods, 2010
Location: Village of the Arts – 1130 9th Street West

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