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Cats and Dogs Mosaic

Artist – Anna D’Aste, 2020
Your favorite furry friends come alive in this fun mosaic. The art borders the welcome sign to Bradenton Veterinary Hospital.

Road Art

This art was designed to create visual connectivity between downtown Bradenton and the Village of the Arts. The abstract spheres are applied directly to the asphalt using commercial grade thermoplastic.

Artist: Milagros Collective, 2017
Location: Village of the Arts – 821 12th Street West

Transit Station Mural

This is a spectacular piece consists of four 10′ x 25′ abstract tile wall panels featuring the design of sun, water, and flora. Each are produced twice, in a mirror image. 

Artist: Dzine/Carlos Rolon, 2012
Location: Downtown Bradenton – 650 11th Street West

See You When You Return

The neighborhood worked directly with the artist to inspire the theme of the mural.  It depicts two teens on the verge of adulthood who have been nurtured by their families and the community, as they yearn to explore the world.

Artist: Michael Parker, 2012
Location: Downtown Bradenton – 1404 14th Street West

Embrace The Future

The inspiration behind the mural is to embrace the future while remembering the past. The swirling vines resemble the community and the blooming flowers symbolize growth. The vibrant colors reflect the inescapable beauty of Bradenton.

Artist: Eduardo Mendieta, 2017
Location: Old Main Street – 607 12th Street West

Come Back Soon II

In 1924, the City of Bradenton coined the phrase ‘The Friendly City’ which still characterizes Bradenton today! A favorite of many, the artwork was duplicated to make a 8’ x 12’ tile mural on the SpringHill Suites hotel downtown Bradenton.

Artist: Don Brandes, 2019
Location: Old Main Street – 452 3rd Avenue West

The Magic River

This 120′ mosaic is created of ceramic tile and colorful art glass. Every 8-10 feet a new theme emerges, depicting life in Bradenton. A very diverse group of members of the community made 64 clay fish that ‘live’ in the magic river. Working with the artist, the group included elected officials, children, stay at home moms, volunteers, board members, and Millennial entrepreneurs. We are stronger together, when we ART together!

Artist: James Simon, 2019
Location: Old Main Street – 251 12th Street West

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