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Realize Bradenton brings people together for shared experiences. 

In addition to in-person events, we strive to inform and inspire our communities with stories that help us stay engaged and optimistic. We believe that optimism creates bridges and widens our lens of what is possible.

The “Some Good News” articles, photos, and videos will offer stories that are forward-looking and solutions-focused.

Event Venues

Event Venues

Old Main Street

Old Main Street (12th Street West) is in the heart of downtown Bradenton. Lined with trees, historic buildings, shops, and restaurants, it is the perfect location for many events.
12th Street West

Botanical Walk

The Botanical Walk showcases our area’s plants and flowers, and hosts educational lectures on topics including the cultivation of native plants, butterfly gardening, and area birds and wildlife.

Event Venues Map

Downtown Bradenton & Riverwalk Map

Click the map below for a printable version.

Intro for Public Art


The City of Bradenton is proud of its inclusive and collaborative public art system that engages people who live, work, and play in Bradenton to participate in the artist selection process.

Since 2012, the downtown Bradenton public art collection has increased from seven pieces of art to over 60 works of art for the community to enjoy. The diverse collection includes a variety of artists, styles and mediums.

The downtown collection includes the ‘Postcards from the Friendly City,’ murals, sculpture, and functional art. Below is a sample of the collection. To view the entire public art collection, go to

PopUps for a Purpose

Pop-Ups for a Purpose, an experimental series in creating vibrancy in innovative ways. This unique series of pop-up style events temporarily transformed outdoor spaces into places for conversations on local topics in downtown Bradenton.

PopUps for a Purpose aims to accelerate community engagement amongst the 18-34 year old population, commonly referred to as the “Millennial” generation.

To view some of the PopUp events, view:
Long Table
What happens when young people who wouldn’t ordinarily meet sit and have dinner together? An unforgettable experience.

Plaza Cubana
Plaza Cubana in The Bishop Museum courtyard accelerated local community engagement among the nation’s most diverse generation.

Here’s the run-down: Experience the transformation of a historic downtown asset into a social hub to bring young people of all backgrounds together.

PopUps Inside Access

PopUps: Inside Access is the second series of Realize Bradenton popup events that feature behind-the-scenes access to cool places to meet interesting people.

What are PopUps? Events, get-togethers, and projects planned by (and for) Millennials to help shape Bradenton in positive ways.

This series aims to accelerate community engagement among the 19–35-year-old population, commonly referred to as the Millennial generation.

See Me Hear Me

The #SeeMeHearMe public art series showcased 23 Millennials and their ideas for our community’s future.

For two years, their portraits below were displayed at four prominent downtown Bradenton locations.

Want to know everything the Millennials had to say? Check out the complete transcript.

Art Connects

Postcards from the Friendly City are large-scale art panels located along the Riverwalk depicting the history of the Manatee River and Bradenton area.

Art Connects, a project coordinated by Realize Bradenton and the DDA, engaged students and artists in studying the history of our community and conveying their findings through art. Expanding upon students’ research, artists Jean Blackburn and Don Brandes were commissioned to express the rich history of the Manatee River through the postcards, which are placed along the Riverwalk.

Art Connects Partners

The Bishop Museum and the Manatee Historical Village Park.


The Knight Fund of the Manatee Community Foundation, Stranahan Foundation, and Manatee Education Foundation.

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