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Segunda Vida to Open in Old Manatee

This Good News post was written by Adilene Sandoval, New College of Florida student.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You’ve heard that phrase plenty of times in your life, but have you actually stopped and thought about its meaning and value. Well, Ashley Ciferno and Oscar Almazan have and they’re here to revolutionize the idea of retail with their business Segunda Vida! Based on upcycling and creativity they have completely transformed various pieces previously thought to be at the end of their life span into something new and exciting. Previously located at the Red Barn Flea Market, Ashley and Oscar create wonderful artistic pieces from recycled material giving them a second life, hint the name of their business. Now, they have plans of opening their own store this summer located at 708 Manatee Ave. E, Bradenton Fl, bringing to the Historical Village of Manatee an eco-friendly and sustainable shopping alternative.

Artistic rendering of the new Segunda Vida store front.

“Segunda Vida means ‘Second Life’ in Spanish, and we live to inspire a second life for everything and everyone. Through recycling, upcycling, conscious choices, artful expressions, and meaningful connections, we can continue to keep the planet Earth our beautiful home!” writes Ashely Ciferno and Oscar Almazan, owners of Segunda Vida, on their website. There you can learn more about their business and find the links to all their social media accounts, including Facebook marketplace, where they are currently selling their items as they continue the process of renovation.

It takes a creative mind to see rubbish on the side of the curb and turn it into something worth another life. That is why a business like Segunda Vida is so special, they mix the arts with recycling and create something new and upcycled. Creating a timeless piece for any home, Ashley and Oscar sure know how to make a unique piece as unique as their customers. “We only have to open our eyes and hearts and see what is already here”, says Ashley Ciferno when asked about the inspirations for her work. Segunda Vida also brings to light another important concept, sustainability. “Segunda Vida came to life as we decided to keep living the way we want to really live”. They proceed to talk about what they hope to accomplish in the near future, “To live in balance is the goal… we take and we must give back”. It can be hard to shop sustainably with consumer culture rising and more and more products being seen as single-used. By taking something that is already here and upcycling it into something else, they are saving many resources from going to waste. And by doing so they are helping save the environment, one less trash at a time.  With goals that would move the city of Bradenton forward, towards a cleaner and brighter future they are truly making an impact in their city.

Upcycled bench by Segunda Vida.

Thrifting, artistic, and sustainable shopper enthusiasts will soon have a new store to shop at. But it doesn’t stop there, as the new opening will also offer opportunities for community engagement and involvement. Segunda Vida will now be offering upcycle workshops and swap events!  Whether looking to buy or make quality second-hand items or colorful artwork pieces, Segunda Vida is the store for you! Segunda Vida’s new location will soon be open to the public and we hope you feel inspired to shop sustainably this summer!

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