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Travis Ray Joins Board of Directors

Realize Bradenton welcomes Travis Ray, founder of Dapper Bowtique and associate managing director of Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe, to its Board of Directors.

Bradenton resident, Travis Ray, became involved with Realize Bradenton through its free entrepreneur program, The Start-Up Circle. The Start-Up Circle helped him develop a business plan for his handcrafted bow tie and accessory brand, Dapper Bowtique®. This opportunity helped his brand earn a Small Business grant from the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce’s new “Opportunities for All” program.

Travis Ray stated, “Realize Bradenton is an amazing nonprofit organization that serves the City of Bradenton with class. I have benefitted from their unwavering support as a local artist and entrepreneur. I want to make a difference in my community and I think by serving on their board, this is one of the best ways I can accomplish this feat.”

Since 2014,Travis has worked for nationally renowned, local nonprofit, Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe. In addition to his talents and skills of managing theatrical productions, Travis brings his extensive nonprofit experience to the Realize Bradenton board.

Realize Bradenton Board Chair, Carrie Price says, “Travis consistently brings energy, leadership, and creativity to projects he is involved with including his collaborations with Realize Bradenton. He has a professional background in theater production and management. He is an entrepreneur and has a welcoming heart. We are thrilled to have him join the Realize Bradenton Board of Directors.”

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