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Creating a Poem

LOVE THIS CITY Valentine Celebration: Love Poem to Bradenton

This fall, as a part of the Love This City Bradenton campaign, Realize Bradenton gathered input from a wide spectrum of people who live, work, and play in our City. What do people love about Bradenton? What is the spirit of the City? What places and  people are most cherished?

With pages of your responses, we approached Bradenton poet, Joanna Fox to weave together a love poem to Bradenton. Ms. Fox is the creative writing teacher from Booker Middle School. She has won many awards including the USF Lifetime Achievement Award, the Maya Angelou Teacher of Poetry award, and the International River of Words Teacher of the Year Award. Her students have been honored at the Library of Congress. Carnegie Hall, and San Francisco. Joanna is a 40 year resident of Bradenton and realized years ago it is a great place to raise children and grandchildren.

Travis, Gloria and Joanna rehearsing for the poetry reading on Saturday!

On Saturday February 5th at the downtown Public Market, at our Valentines Day Celebration, Mayor Brown will introduce the first public reading of this love poem to the City of Bradenton. “To Realize Bradenton” will be read live by Joanna Fox, Gloria Ferrer and Travis Ray. Don’t miss it!

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