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LECOM Park – Top 12

This Good News Story written by Jamey Hitchcock is a Realize Bradenton production funded by the Knight Donor Advised Fund at the Manatee Community Foundation.

More than a ball field, LECOM Park has created connections throughout the community hosting events with the Boys and Girls Club of Manatee County, the Pace Center for Girls, the Manatee Education Foundation and youth sports leagues, too.

In addition, LECOM Park has been intertwined with the lives of people born and raised nearby.

Ray Morris is one of them.

“I grew up around the ballpark,” said the Pirates Director of Florida Operations. “I started as a bat boy at nine years old and progressed as an intern for three or four years and then I was made an operations manager. About three years ago I was made director and as you can see LECOM Park has been a part of my entire life. I’ve seen it evolve and one of my favorite features has been the 360-degree Board Walk, because it allows you and your family to enjoy the ballgame while socializing in this enjoyable atmosphere and having a great day at the ballpark.”

LECOM Park and its charm draws friends and family from all over, creating a unique interactive experience. With the Village of the Arts so close by, you can bring your family to a ballgame, then walk over to VOTA and enjoy the arts afterward.

Despite the pandemic, both LECOM Park and VOTA are growing and creating enjoyable experiences for the public with social distancing in mind.

“I hope LECOM Park will continue to evolve as the premier entertainment destination in our area,” said Craig Warzecha, the Marauders general manager. “Whether that be for baseball or other events, I hope our positive impact and service to the community continues to grow as well.”

This post is part of the Top 12 Reasons We Love This City series. Read more here.

This post is part of the Top 12 Reasons We Love This City series. Read more here.

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