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Walkability – Top 12

Walkability- Featuring Economic Benefits and a user-friendly exploration source

“First fix the streets, then the people and business will follow.”

-Dan Burden, Walkable Communities, Inc.

If you’re taking a stroll and it’s your first time visiting downtown Bradenton, there is so much volume to the area and so much to explore. People gravitate towards the well-known Old Main Street, where popular bars and restaurants line 12th Street West. You might notice art displayed on sides of buildings, on parking garages and sporadically around the area.

The uniqueness of downtown has everything to do with the historical presence that runs through the city. You can feel the energy and familial hospitality when visiting each shop, museum, restaurant and more. Wandering around and discovering for yourself is always a journey, but to add to the experience try using

Walk Bradenton is a website that acts as a local google maps for downtown Bradenton. The map displays all the surrounding businesses and categorizes the areas surrounding downtown. You can learn about the local art and historical landmarks as you make your journey through town.

Having a town that is walkable, safe and friendly is paramount and economically beneficial. Realize Bradenton created this website with the goal in mind to bring people together, to create a city that is user-friendly and allow for safe adventures through downtown. To make the most of your visit, people deserve to know there is more to venture through than just Old Main Street. This website also displays the historical Village of the Arts, an eclectic artistic area just around the corner from downtown.

Just by taking 500 steps people will discover The Riverwalk or The Village of The Arts, encouraging exploration and a learning experience of all Bradenton has to offer. Getting to know this unique town can be fun and beneficial on foot.

The website automatically locates the user on the map and instantly connects them to information about the 58 pieces of public art, 25 historical sites and 145 local businesses.

This website could and should be a game changer in people’s explorations here. If it’s your first time in Bradenton, the website can show you what local businesses are offering and if events are occurring. Maybe you want to take a chance and explore the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market on Old Main Street. What better time to check out the website and continue your day exploring the other areas of downtown?

According to The Economic Benefits of Walkable Communities, a factsheet published by the Local Government Commission in Sacramento, Calif., the benefits of a walkable community have shown economic viability. It’s a good investment that increases property values, reduces traffic noise, vehicle-generated air pollution and good for local retail sales.

By using this website, it will encourage people to want to leave the car in the parking garage for the day, go walking and have an adventure with friends and family. Tap on a point of interest on the map and you will find “location cards,” that display videos, links, events and descriptions of specials going on at the local businesses.

This website can encourage all of us to become a part of the change and help not only the economy, but the environment and allow everyone a change of pace from their normal routines.   

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