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Alfredo Garcia’s Blues Festival Art

The Bradenton Blues Festival celebrates the Blues through both music and art. Revealing the art for the year has become a major part of Festival tradition. This art is used for all Festival publicity and appears on the collectable annual merchandise.

Artist Alfredo Garcia and his 2021 Bradenton Blues Festival art.

For the 10th Anniversary of the Bradenton Blues Festival, Bradenton artist Alfredo Garcia was selected to share his vision of the Blues. Originally from Guerrero, Mexico, Alfredo now lives in the Village of the Arts in Bradenton where he has his gallery, Arte Coyoacano.

When asked about how he sees the relationship between visual art and music, Alfredo said, “Music and visual arts go hand in hand through emotions and communicating feelings”.

In his bold, bright style, Alfredo used the image of a woman playing the saxophone to represent the Blues Festival. He then added elements to represent nature and our local area. He included an alligator, the train, and, of course, the Village of the Arts to symbolize Bradenton.

The 2021 Bradenton Blues Festival Weekend will be held December 4-5 at LECOM Park which is directly across the street from the Village of the Arts. Alfredo has lived in the Village of the Arts for almost 10 years and states that he enjoy the community, the galleries, and the visitors from all over!

To learn more about Alfredo and his art, you can view his Facebook page, visit Arte Coyoacano (1023 12th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205), or stop by during the Village of the Arts’ Art Walk. 2021 Bradenton Blues Festival merchandise will be available beginning October 1, 2021 on the Bradenton Blues Festival website and will be for sale at the event.

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