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2020-2021 Realize Bradenton Board Officers Elected

The Realize Bradenton Board is comprised of community leaders who volunteer their time and talents to guide our work to build a vibrant, healthy, inclusive, and fun downtown Bradenton.

Over the past 10 years, the Board’s leadership has helped realize the promise that “Downtown is Everyone’s Neighborhood.” By bringing people together for shared experiences, Realize Bradenton offers initiatives in Business Development, Community Placemaking, Wellness and Nutrition, and Development of Young Leaders. For more information, please visit

We are pleased to share our new officers as of June 15, 2020.

Carrie Price, the new Realize Bradenton Chair, joined the Board in 2018 and recently served as Vice Chair. Carrie and her husband Preston Whaley own Yoga Arts in the Village of the Arts. She is also past Vice President of the Artists Guild of Manatee. Carrie is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design.

Carrie commented, “I am very pleased and honored to have been selected to Chair the Board of Realize Bradenton. I have been an admirer and supporter of Realize Bradenton since its founding, 10 years ago. Many of their initiatives have had a significant positive impact on my life, as a downtown resident and business owner. Even in these challenging times I am excited to be part of manifesting Realize Bradenton’s inclusive vision of a downtown in which diverse community, local businesses, and the arts thrive.” 

Kay Wight, the new Board Vice Chair, joined the Board in 2015, and has been one of Realize Bradenton’s biggest cheerleaders. Kay has made outstanding contributions to society as a professional and volunteer in the fields of healthcare, cancer research, women’s rights, the arts, education, and philanthropy. Her career spanned 23 years at CBS News and CBS Sports. Kay was Director of Public Responsibility for American Express Travel Related Services Company and Vice President of MacAndrews & Forbes/Revlon. We are grateful to have her leadership skills as an officer of our Board of Directors.

Realize Bradenton is thankful to Ann Breitinger, who was elected to our Board of Directors in 2015 and served as Chair from 2017-2020. Ann’s love for Bradenton started when she moved to join Blalock Walters, P.A. She has been a leader from the beginning and was the perfect choice as our Board Chair. She guided Realize Bradenton’s ambitious agenda, with a focus on engaging young professionals in shaping the downtown’s future. As Ann continues her Board service for Realize Bradenton, her experience will be invaluable. 

We extend our gratitude to Melodie Rich and Kim Dalglish, for their service to the Board over the past six years. Melodie, as the Board Treasurer and Kim as a valued member of our Governance and Leadership Committee, have fulfilled their terms, and we are incredibly grateful for their leadership. Their contributions to Realize Bradenton’s many successes over the past six years have been invaluable.  

Rotating off the board does not mean they are leaving! Both women have committed to staying involved with Realize Bradenton and continuing the work they have been a part of for so long. Thank you, Melodie and Kim!

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