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Kids in the Kitchen

Junior League of Manatee County’s monthly cooking sessions at the Bradenton Farmer’s Market that promote health and wellness by creating kid-friendly snacks in a fun, social setting.

+ Junior League of Manatee County

Kids were given a healthy twist on a recipe for something they love to eat, like pizza. Then, Junior League (JLMC) volunteers and families helped the children find the ingredients in the market. Once all of the ingredients were gathered, members of JLMC helped lead the kids through their recipe. Families each received take-home recipe cards to replicate the yummy creations and hopefully find new local vendors to enjoy. 


The Junior League of Manatee County are strong supporters of the fight against childhood obesity as part of their long-time commitment to improving the health and wellness of children. Although “Kids in the Kitchen” is paused at this time due to COVID-19 safety precautions, the success of these sessions inspired a more extensive community outreach program called “Healthy Together” that continues to bring families together around healthy food at the Bradenton Public Market.

Thank You Supporters

The Junior League of Manatee County sponsored and provided valuable volunteer hours to make Kids in the Kitchen an enjoyable and educational experience for families.


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