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Dominique LeClezio elected to serve on the Realize Bradenton Board of Directors

Realize Bradenton Announces Feld Entertainment VP of Creative and Marketing Services,
Dominique LeClezio, to serve a three-year term on Board of Directors.

Realize Bradenton, a nonprofit organization that brings people together, is pleased to welcome Dominique LeClezio, Vice President of Creative and Marketing Services for Feld Entertainment, to serve on the Board of Directors for a three-year term. The Realize Bradenton Board promotes redevelopment and economic growth in downtown Bradenton by transforming public places and engaging people using arts, culture, heritage, and food to build a vibrant, healthy Bradenton.

“We are delighted to have Dom join the Board of Directors,” says Ann Breitinger, Board Chair of Realize Bradenton. “His diverse background in marketing and creative services will certainly complement the work of Realize Bradenton as we continue our focus of place-based economic development by using creative marketing strategies to attracting large and small businesses to the city.”

Born and raised in South Africa, LeClezio has earned degrees in Marketing and Economics and completed post graduate work in Marketing Management. LeClezio earned both local and international recognition for this work on brands including McDonalds, Levi Strauss, Virgin Cola, Volkswagen, and Tervis Tumbler and currently serves as Vice President of Creative and Marketing Services for Feld Entertainment, the worldwide leader in producing and presenting live touring family entertainment shows such as Monster Jam and Disney On Ice.

“I am excited to bring a fresh approach to Realize Bradenton Board of Directors,” said LeClezio. “Living in the area since 2001, I have seen the positive results that Realize Bradenton has brought to this community and look forward to engaging with the team and community.”

Realize Bradenton’s current Board of Directors includes Ann Breitinger (Chair), Carrie Price (Vice Chair), Melodie Rich (Treasurer), Ben Bakker, Kim Daglish, Kay Wight, Tom Sequin, Cathy Palmer, and Brad Laudicina.

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