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Frequently Asked Questions

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Visit Realize Bradenton’s calendar for a list of events.

The Riverwalk is open 24 hours, seven days a week. The Riverwalk splash pad is active 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week (unless otherwise noted on the City of Bradenton website).

The Pavilion and Event Area entrance is located at 452 3rd Avenue West, Bradenton, FL 34205. Public parking is available along the Riverwalk.

Two full-time police officers patrol the Riverwalk and nearby downtown locations day and night. Call the Bradenton Police non-emergency number (941) 932-9300 or dial 911 whenever you see dangerous or suspicious activity

The bathrooms on Riverwalk are opened from 7:00 AM — 11:00 PM.

Call Public Works at (941) 708-6300. When contacting, please be specific with your comments.


Camping is not allowed in the park per Bradenton City Ordinance.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed anywhere on the Riverwalk, except during permitted events.

Bicycles are allowed; however, bike riders must avoid pedestrians. Bicycles are not allowed in the Splash Pad.

Leashed dogs are allowed at the Riverwalk. Dog owners must pick up their animals’ wastes. Disposal bags are located along the walkway. Dogs are not allowed on the Splash Pad.

Cooking grills are not allowed.

No motorized vehicles are allowed on the Riverwalk unless approved.


Small gatherings, such as birthday parties or family gatherings, can be held in public spaces without an event permit. Tents must be weighted as tent stakes are not allowed.

Areas along the Riverwalk may be reserved with prior approval from the City of Bradenton. Get more information by clicking here.


Please check for the most up-to-date information in the News section of the Home page. 

There is no age limit for using the Splash Pad. However, behavior that is inappropriate in the presence of young children will not be tolerated.

The water feature uses a modern, energy-efficient design. It treats and recycles water in an underground tank and therefore does not waste water.

Beach volleyball can be played at any time on a first come, first serve basis. Note, there are no lights in the beach volleyball area in the evening.

Everyone who uses the skate park does so at his or her own risk. This includes observers, and people using the skate park facility. Skate park users are expected to help keep the park safe, clean, and friendly.

Users must act within their individual abilities to control their equipment and not place themselves or others at risk of injury. It is highly recommended that users wear protective gear, including helmets, knee, and elbow pads.

Skateboard riding is not allowed anywhere on the Riverwalk except at the skate park, per City Ordinance


Food trucks and food vendors are allowed on the Riverwalk only as part of a City-permitted events. To find out more about the City’s event permit process, visit the Events page. If you would like to add your name to the Realize Bradenton food vendor database, click HERE (link to form).


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