Riverwalk Public Art

A Gallery of Outdoor Art

Nineteen pieces of art created by five artists add another dimension of discovery to the Riverwalk experience. The collection of public art offers interactive sound sculptures, river history, and beauty to match the fabulous river setting. Artists were competitively selected through the Downtown Development Authority’s Public Art Program.


Sound Dishes

Bill and Mary Buchen
Viewers can walk between these acoustic sculptures and experiment with the different sound effects they create.

Splash Pad, Four Sculptures and Benches

Mark Fuller
The shapes and colors of the lively Splash Pad design seem to jump off the surface to four nearby sculptures. The shapes of the design are echoed in the blue benches surrounding the Splash Pad.

Big Eyes-Big Ears

Bill and Mary Buchen
The interactive art of Big Eyes-Big Ears swivels and gathers the sound and sights of the Manatee River like a giant periscope.

Drum Yard

Bill and Mary Buchen
Viewers can play their own rhythms in the Drum Yard on three beautiful, stainless steel drums.

Along The River

Elle Terry Leonard, Architectural Ceramics
Handmade, ceramic tiles transform the Mosaic Amphitheater into an elegant setting. The design incorporates hand-carved palm leaf tiles and blue, green and pink glazes.

Glass Blocks Reverie

Mark Fuller
Hand-cast glass blocks embellish the railings at the Outdoor Living Rooms, adding jewel-toned splashes of color to this serene spot.

Tower Banners

Don Brandes
The Tower Banners announce the many activities of the Riverwalk to drivers on the Green Bridge, and to visitors already on the Riverwalk path.

More To See

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