Our Vendors

There are over thirty-five vendors who offer locally-grown fruits, vegetables, plants, organic products, fresh seafood, prepared foods, as well as the work of local artists and craftspeople.


Greens on the Gro

Grown hydroponically with quality drinking water. Over 95% of vegetable seedlings are started from heirloom and organic seeds; no GMO seeds are ever used.

Email: Norm & Kathy Whitlow
(941) 725-0204
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Pure Florida Apiary
Pure Florida Apiary provides the Bradenton community with the most local honey anyone can find in the area. If it's in season, you will find it here!

Email: Alex Ionita
(941) 447-3457
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Sheppard Farms

As one of the oldest farms in the state of Florida, the Sheppard Family has been participating at the Bradenton Farmers’ Market for 17 years. Specializing in hand-shelled peas and okra, they also produce sweet onions, strawberries, beans, squash, and collard, mustard, and turnip greens.

Moses Sheppard
(941) 730-3279


These vendors visit the area state-run farmers’ markets, mainly in Tampa and Plant City, to pick out the finest produce they can find for our community.

GPA Fresh Produce

Armando is known for his service with a smile! He selects the finest produce available in the area!

Email: Armando Martinez
(941) 447-9102

Milagros Produce
Yvette Nunez and her sons collect some of the finest produce from across the state. They visit the state markets on a regular basis to supply their stand in the Sun City area, as well as Bradenton Farmers’ Market. They also buy from local farmers.

Email: Yvette Nunez
Phone: (941) 536-3309

Flowers and Plants

Mad Happenings

Specializing in Orchids, Bromeliads, and other Epiphytes; plus various tropical plants and oddities.

Email: Jerry Schole
(941) 779-4670

Medallion Flowers

Fresh-cut flowers in arrangements ranging from lilies, sunflowers, hydrangeas, roses and much more.

Email: Keila Horne
(305) 986-6343


B&J Enterprises

B&J Enterprises 'imports' cheeses from Wisconsin for our local enjoyment. Former Wisconsin-native Bob can explain the differences in cheeses, from aging techniques to the handling used. He will supply wonderful cheeses for your household. Dip mix, maple syrup, whey protein, and cheese curds are available too!

Email: Bob Jeanquart
(262) 939-0383

Cosmos Coffee Company

A small batch coffee roaster. All roasting is done locally, with coffee that is procured from around the world.

Email: Ryan DeCosimo
(727) 463-0729

Delicious Gourmet Dips

Large selection of mouth-watering, gourmet dip and spice packs that you can easily turn into delicious treats, with flavors ranging from hot and spicy to savory to sweet.

Email: Richard Sacco
Phone: (407) 810-2094

Elena's Italian Cuisine

Fresh Italian food, made from scratch and without preservatives. We sell ready-to-eat food like lasagna, eggplant or zucchini parmesan, ravioli, sauces, tiramisu, and TUBO chocolate salami (new brand in USA) a dessert with dark chocolate and Italian cookies.

Email: Elena Gianformaggio
(941) 960-9025
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Feathered Oaks Farm

All local, natural, pasture-raised poultry products and free-range eggs.

Email: Matt Ferguson
(941) 780-3459

FlexX Bar and Snack Company

We carry a variety of raw, salted or unsalted nuts, edible seeds and dried fruit. By request and support from our customers we began adding our local handmade granola and energy bars – made with love in no-sugar added, paleo, vegan, and gluten free varieties.

Email: Marjan Zaun
(941) 575-6887

Greeks Bearing Gifts

Homemade baklava is a Greek pastry made with layers of phyllo dough, nuts, and honey. It does not need to be heated or refrigerated. Offered by the slice or pan. In addition to regular baklava, vegan baklava is available.

Email: India Pearson
(941) 580-0373

Jay's Italian Olive Salad

Italian Olive Salad, olive oil based, not a tapenade but sliced in larger pieces. Originally made for the muffaletta sandwich, which originated in New Orleans.

Email: Gene & Darlene Ticconi
(586) 431-2456

Kettle Corn & Nuts

Casey pops some of the freshest Kettle corn you can get. A great snack anytime. He has now added spiced nuts to his product line that is sure to please the nut-lover in you!

Email: Casey Walton
(941) 993-4247

Lazy Jay's Jellies

Homemade jams, jellies, fruit butters, marmalades, and wooden boxes for gift purchases.

Email: Jayson Larrabee 
(941) 586-1597

Leah's Lemonade

Stop by and check out their dried fruits and herbs, and learn how they got started and their mission to improve our community one glass of lemonade at a time!

Email: Glen & Tina Cole
(941) 526-6163
Facebook Page

Liz's Seafood Market

Liz and Frank handpick fresh Gulf seafood caught by local fisherman including Key West Pink Shrimp, Spiny Lobster, Stone Crab, Scallops, local Gulf fish, and more.

Email: Liz Lawson
(941) 264-9857

Lou's Diner

Featuring classic American comfort foods, burgers and dogs. Breakfast is served all day! Milkshakes and hand-dipped ice cream.

Email: Lou Thomey
(941) 254-4973

Marilyn's Toffee & More

When it comes to Toffee, no one beats Marilyn's efforts! Stop by and try the different creations she has developed. You will agree with others, there is nowhere else you can find the kind of love she puts into these tempting treats.

Email: Marilyn McLeod
(941) 761-4959

Olive Branch & More

Pino imports Olive oil from his family farm in Italy. Stop by and check out why the top chefs in Bradenton use this olive oil.

Email: Pino Testini
(941) 600-7000
Facebook Page

Split-Fire Grill

Serving an assortment of hot foods, including the farmers' market sandwich, created with products from market vendors. Available for events.

Email: marcus32@live.com
(941) 565-3239

Steve O's Salsa

Tomato-based salsa with fresh pineapple, mango and pomegranate. All fresh ingredients with no preservatives. Healthy and delicious!

Email: Gina & Steve Odoardi
(941) 538-8919

Sunshine Canning

Lisa makes her own handcrafted artisan jams and pickles from locally-sourced produce. Sunshine Canning supports local farmers and most products are made from local, seasonal produce.

Email: Lisa Fulk
(941) 376-0912
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Home And Health

Boston's Baked Bones

All natural, organic dog treats.

Email: Diane McKinney
(941) 746-0757

Essence of the Heart

Laura creates candles and soaps using essential oils that people come from all over to buy and to re-stock.

Email: Laura McSeaton
(941) 920-0281

Naturally Green Products

USDA certified, naturally green cleaning products. We have a green product, called "No More Bugs" safe for you and your pets, as well as a green boat cleaning, and barnacle removing product.

Email: Cynthia Englander
(941) 320-1366

Ruff Life

Ruff Life has created a great line of apparel using their original designs and personally-embroidered products, and just recently created an aloe vera cream for dogs called "ruff spots".

Email: Julie Nickerson
(843) 301-9696

Salty Sister USA

Natural and pure, bath and body products. Handcrafted, all vegan formulas, no animal testing, tropical scents. The package design and illustrations created by Melissa.

Email Melissa Searle
(941) 227-4335

Van's Sharpening Service

Sharpens knives, scissors, garden tools, lawn mower blades, and more.

Email: Van Balam
(941) 757-9307

Arts, Crafts, and More

Makin' A Difference

Original art created by Roy’s father is screen painted on all organic t-shirts and other items that have become popular through out the area.

Email: Roy Nelles
(248) 797-3821

Mariangela Art

Functional and wearable art using recycled materials.

Email: Angela Marshall
(941) 565-7284

Papaya Tree Imports

Hand crochet halter tops. 100% cotton, one-size harem pants in vibrant colors imported from Chaing Mai Thailand.

Email: Patty Brown
(520) 471-4641

Paua Creations

Paua Creations brings you a wide variety of jewelry designs made from some of the rarest and most stunning Abalone found anywhere!

Email: Bob Gould
(727) 265-5051

She Paints on Glass

Tracey’s artistic hand painted glassware is heat fired and dishwasher safe.

Email: Tracey Pepper
(616) 835-5551