the riverwalk
our outdoor gathering place - unwind, exercise, and
enjoy a variety of unique features and events

Something for Everyone

As downtown Bradenton’s new showpiece, the Riverwalk serves as an outdoor gathering place. The design was thoughtfully developed to provide spaces to reflect the community’s interests and to host many diverse events and activities.

Free WiFi is available on the Riverwalk for Bright House Networks Road Runner customers. Others are charged reasonable rates by visiting the Brighthouse website.

Great Lawn

With its wide expanse of soft grass, the Great Lawn is a space for casual activities like picnicking and river gazing, as well as organized events such as exercise classes and art shows.

Day Dock

Boaters can tie up at the Day Dock to spend the day and explore the Riverwalk, or to enjoy downtown attractions such as the museum, theater, galleries, and restaurants.

Tower Plaza

The Tower Plaza, with its dramatic decorative tower, surrounded by a paved circular pattern, is a grand open space for festivities, people watching, and special gatherings.

Botanical Walk

The Botanical Walk showcases our area’s plants and flowers, and hosts educational lectures on topics including the cultivation of native plants, butterfly gardening, and area birds and wildlife.


At the 400-seat Mosaic Amphitheater, visitors can enjoy live entertainment such as plays, concerts, community programs, and school performances.

Family Fun Zone

With its colorful splash fountain and playgrounds, the Family Fun Zone is one of the most popular features of the Riverwalk. Adults can relax on the shady benches while kids romp nearby.

Pavilion and Event Area

The large open space of the Event Area is perfect for music festivals and special events. The lawn is also a wonderful place for craft fairs, exercise, lawn bowling, and birthday parties. The Pavilion includes a concession area and bathrooms, and its shaded porch provides an outdoor classroom.

Fishing Pier

The Manatee River is known for its variety of native fish, including snook, redfish, and trout. The Fishing Pier is one of the best spots in the area for anglers.

The Tidal Discovery Zone

The Tidal Discovery Zone offers up-close observation of the ecosystem along our river's edge. Programs are held in this area to explore the ever-changing interactions between land, water, plants, animals, and people.

Outdoor Living Rooms

The shaded Outdoor Living Rooms are furnished with comfortable seating and offer a peaceful place to just hang out, relax, and enjoy the river view.

Flex Lawn

The Flex Lawn is available for wellness classes such as yoga and tai chi, and for just relaxing with friends and family.

Beach Volleyball

Grab a partner and head for the sandy Beach Volleyball courts. Find a pick-up game or sign up for a tournament.

Skate Park

The award-winning Team Pain Skate Parks organization designed and constructed the riverfront Skate Park. It is one of the most striking Riverwalk features and is one of the best skate facilities in the area.

Regatta Plaza

The Regatta Plaza is the perfect spot for drum circles, kite flying, and special events. Visitors can view boat races and other water-based events that are an exciting part of downtown festivities.

Kayak and Canoe Launch

Paddlers can use the Kayak and Canoe Launch to start, or end, their explorations of the Manatee River.