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Thanks to the businesses and individuals who support the work of Realize Bradenton. Their tax-deductible donations support downtown promotions and events that make downtown Bradenton a great place to live, work, play, shop, and stay.

Business Sponsors

Major Sponsor
Bradenton Downtown Development Authority

BMO Harris Bank
Bradenton Herald
Bright House Networks
Fawley Bryant Architects
Manatee Community Federal Credit Union
Manatee Memorial Hospital
Mosaic Company
NDC Construction
Pittsburgh Pirates




Courtyard by Marriott
HJB Properties



Merrill Lynch-Campbell/McNamara Group

Blalock Walters
Shinn & Company
Boyd Insurance
Bradenton Jaycees
Jodat Law Group
Gould & Lamb



Original Funding Partners and Sponsors

Bradenton Downtown Development Authority
Knight Foundation
Manatee County Community Foundation


I Dig Downtown Individuals

Mover & Shaker
John Chappie


Cheer Leaders
Fermin Miranda
William Webster
Deborah Pfeifle


Jaymie Carter

Vernon DeSear 

Judy Sedgeman

Johnette Isham 

Ken Hargreaves

Sandy Hughes 

Bridgette Halliburton 

Michele Redwine
Daniel Denton
Joey Brannon
Stewart Moon
Lynn Gillman


Susie Bowie 

Ben Bakker
Mimi Tram 

Jacki Dezelski 

Kim Daglish 

Pam Ramhofer

Michael Mears 

Patti Peotter-Bettes 

Martie Liberman

Christine & Gordon Turner 

Jan & Rodger Brown

Anonymous Gift 

Anonymous Gift 

Jerry Solomon 

Susie & Cliff Walters

Morton Aronson

Keren Swedberg 

Laura McKeithen 

Kevin Webb
Morgan Bettes

John Giordano

Linda Balas 

Madelyn Freshwater 

Carole A. Zoellner 

Marnie Swedberg 

Maryann Lawler 

Karen Carpenter 

Joan Voyles 

Preston Whaley Jr. 

Ann Wykell

Jim & Margy Carraway 

Dale Weidemiller

Joan Franklin

Lisa Hoban 

Wes Roberts 

Brynne Besio 

Martha Wells

Teri Roberts 

Daryl Thomas 

Tom Seguin

Louanne White
Stephanie Harper

Mike Kennedy
Kathryn Douglass

Joanna Beam

Holly Lundgren

Jeremy Piper

Rudi Floyd

Stewart Moon

Jennifer McAlister

William Webster

Judith A Sedgeman

Johnette Isham

Peggy Haynes

Anonymous Gift

Jeff Plunkett

Morgan Bettes





Information Partners

These sites have additional information on events and initiatives in Manatee County.

The City of Bradenton

Manatee Community Calendar

Manatee Chamber of Commerce