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You'll find a range of treasures unmatched in other cities our size. With a unique mix of arts, culture, heritage, and sports, Bradenton offers something for everyone. read more

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We bring people together to create a more vibrant, attractive, and prosperous Bradenton area for residents, visitors, and businesses. read more

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Follow The Art

It felt something akin to stepping onto Platform Nine and Three-quarters, destination: Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, or through the enchanted armoire...

Creating attractive and vibrant places for the upcoming 75 percent

Things to do this year: Transform Bradenton -- or insert your city -- into a vibrant area, attract and engage...

A Community Comes Together for the Arts

Thank you to the 15,000 people who attended ArtSlam, and the 175 artists, 10 bands, 100 volunteers, and sponsors who...