Downtown Bradenton

You'll find a range of treasures unmatched in other cities our size. With a unique mix of arts, culture, heritage, and sports, Bradenton offers something for everyone. read more

Realize Bradenton

We bring people together to create a more vibrant, attractive, and prosperous Bradenton area for residents, visitors, and businesses. read more
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YouTube Channel

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more is a video worth? Find out for yourself by checking out our YouTube channel. You'll find videos of past events, activities, and initiates.
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Walk Bradenton

Grab your smartphone and immerse yourself in local history, public art, and find your next place to eat, shop, stay, and play. Explore downtown like a local!
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What's everybody looking at?

What's everybody looking at? Events that CONNECT  |  Research that INFORMS  |  Public art that INFLUENCES This month, Realize Bradenton...

Let's Cook Together!

Cook Together Bradenton is a Millennial-driven collaboration that is part of the 2016 Giving Challenge, an online fundraising event benefiting...

Big Art, Big Talk, Big Opportunity

How often do really TALK to strangers?  I mean talk in a way that you get to know a person...